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ALPs Charter School {Advanced Learning Program}

325 S. Eagle Street

Oshkosh, WI 54902
(920) 424-0349

Thank you for your interest in the ALPs Charter School
The 2017-2018 enrollment window is now closed.

To learn more about our charter school, please check out the following links
ALPs Charter School PODCAST  -and-  BROCHURE

What ALPs Charter School IS:

  • Pace of instruction is in depth and at an accelerated pace
  • Projects and themes may be utilized to incorporate standards and benchmarks
  • Traditional schedules are not always followed
  • Community service is embraced and embedded in curriculum
  • Social skills lessons are designed based on student needs
  • Students are assessed and held accountable to the OASD standards and benchmarks following a different scope and sequence than traditional grade level peers
  • Students are expected to make at least one years growth in their academic ability
  • Assessments are administered each school year to measure growth
  • Rubrics are utilized to assess student proficiency toward district standards and benchmarks
  • A long-term commitment for students to ensure the full curriculum is followed
  • A highly rigorous program that looks at core content with more depth
  • Preparation to mainstream into high school courses when ready

What ALPs Charter School ISN'T:

  • An exclusive project based school
  • A good fit for all types of learners
  • For students who are not intrinsically motivated
  • For students that are at grade-level, need repetitive instruction, or need below level academic support